Global Services

Our services globally may be summarized as follows:


  • Assistance with immigration policy development to ensure global compliance;
  • Development of global immigration compliance programs and strategies;
  • Customized advice on international travel issues, including required entry documents;
  • Visa and immigration assistance to more than 110 countries worldwide, including short-term and long-term relocations for existing employees and new hires;
  • Initial assessment and analysis of visa and work permit options;
  • Procurement of documentation, such as birth and marriage certificates;
  • Assistance with obtaining country-specific documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, document legalizations, and Apostilles;
  • Conditioning of documentation, such as translation and legalization;
  • Passport application assistance, where permitted by regulation;
  • Consular visa applications worldwide;
  • Assistance with post arrival procedures;
  • Extension of immigration documents and automatic notification to client well in advance of document expiration;
  • Other global immigration-related services, not specifically listed.