Immigration News & Alerts

Date Title Country
Greece – BREXIT: Greek Government Working on No-Deal Brexit Legislation Greece, UK
Malaysia – New Rules for Long-Term Social Visit Pass Applications via the Expatriate Services Division Malaysia
Switzerland – Updates on Work Permits for UK Nationals in No-Deal BREXIT Scenario Switzerland, UK, EU
United Arab Emirates – New Changes to Dependant Visa Endorsement Process UAE
Sweden – New Transition Period for UK Nationals to Obtain Work and Residence Permits Sweden, UK, EU
Mexico – New Changes in Procedures for Common Immigration Processes Mexico
Denmark – UK Nationals Strongly Advised to Obtain an EU Registration Certificate Denmark
Finland – UK Nationals Strongly Advised to Register Their Residence in Finland Finland, EU, UK
France – Implementation of the 2018 Asylum and Immigration Law France
Switzerland – The Swiss Foreign Nationals and Integration Act Switzerland
Brazil – The Ministry of Justice and Public Security Replaces the Ministry of Labor Brazil
Singapore – Increase in Fees for Various Passes and Work Permits Singapore
Netherlands – Possible Introduction of New Transition Period for British Nationals and Their Family Members Netherlands, UK, EU
India – Increased Financial Penalties for Overstay and Visa Violations/Late Registrations India
Indonesia – Mandatory Annual Foreign Employee Reports Indonesia
Hong Kong – New Smart Hong Kong Identity Card & Territory-Wide Identity Card Replacement Exercise Hong Kong, China
Singapore – Updates to Vaccination Requirements for Foreign Dependant Children Singapore
Ireland – Interim Change to Reduce Employment Permit Processing Times Ireland
UK – Implementation of a New Skills-Based Immigration System UK
UK – Implementation of New Visa Application System Creates Delays UK
Colombia – Required RUTEC Registration for Companies who Employ Foreign Workers Colombia
Switzerland – Extension of Transitional Period for Croatian Nationals Switzerland, Croatia
UK – The Parliament Vote for Brexit Deal Rescheduled UK, European Union
Netherlands – Dutch Authorities Introduce New Salary Thresholds for 2019 Netherlands
Malaysia – Online Portals Are Now Open for Companies to Submit Their Required Annual Projections Malaysia
Singapore – Reminder of Increase in Minimum Qualifying Salary for S Passes Singapore
India – Update: eMigrate Registration Requirement – Implementation Date Delayed India
Singapore – Ministry of Health Introduces New Vaccination Requirements for Foreign Dependant Children Singapore
India – New eMigrate Registration Requirement for Indian Nationals with Employment Visas for Some Middle Eastern and Asian Countries India
Emigra Worldwide – Runner Up for EMMA Award for Immigration Provider for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at the Forum for Expatriate Management Summit Emigra Worldwide
Ireland – New Employment Permit Applications Ireland
Argentina – New Appointment System Creates Appointment Delays and Increased Processing Times Argentina
Brazil – New Temporary Visa/Residence Permit Brazil
UK – New In-Country UK Visa Application System UK
Emigra Worldwide Welcomes New Country Manager for Singapore Operations Jo Ann Adams Singapore
United Arab Emirates – New Visa Rules for Widows, Divorced Women, Visitors, Tourists, and Students United Arab Emirates
Emigra Worldwide – Immigration Provider for Asia Pacific Award at BGRS Forum Emigra Worldwide
Germany – Increased Waiting Time for Employment Visa Appointments Germany
Vietnam – Implementation of Immigration Procedural Changes Vietnam
Ireland – Updates: Stricter Review of Irish Employment Permit Applications & Increase in Minimum Wage Ireland
Ireland – Irish Residence Permit Appointments Ireland
Brazil – Changes to Technical Visa for Emergency and Urgent Situations Brazil
United Kingdom – Statement of Changes to Immigration Rules in 2018 United Kingdom
Chile – New Entry Visa Guidelines for Individuals with Restricted Nationalities Chile
Portugal – Implementation of New Administrative Procedures Portugal
Singapore – The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Implements Trial of New Electronic Arrival Card for Foreign Visitors Singapore
Slovakia – Increased Volume of Temporary Residence Applications Causes Delays and Increased Processing Times Slovakia
Saudi Arabia – New Electronic Requirements for Work Permit Applications Saudi Arabia
Germany – Reminder on Application Requirements for Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Applicants Germany
Switzerland – New Quotas for 2019 Work Permit Applications Switzerland
United Arab Emirates – Special Long-Term Residency Visa for Expatriates After Retirement United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates – Recap of Major UAE Visa Changes in 2018 United Arab Emirates
Brazil – CPF Taxpayer ID Required for Dependants of All Ages Brazil
Brazil – Federal Police Implement New SISMIGRA Immigration System Brazil
United Kingdom – Status Changes for EU Citizens Residing in the UK & Their Families United Kingdom, European Union
Singapore – Update in Ministry of Manpower Form Endorsement Requirements Singapore
Sweden – New Contract Content for ICT for Employers Outside of EEA Sweden
Hong Kong – Now Accepting Dependent Visa Applications for Same-Sex Spouses Hong Kong
Portugal – New Immigration Administrative Procedures Introduced Portugal
Australia – Department of Home Affairs No Longer Considering Priority Processing of Work Visas; Skilling Australians Fund Levy Cannot be Paid by Employee Australia
Immigration Fast Facts – Mexico Mexico
South Africa – Department of Home Affairs to Begin Centralizing Visa Applications South Africa
Costa Rica – San Jose Immigration Offices Unexpectedly Closed Costa Rica
Ireland – Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS) Multiple Entry Visa Application and Submission Change Ireland
Singapore – Ministry of Manpower Work Pass Housing Requirement Check Singapore
Slovakia-Appointment Delays at Slovak Embassy in New Delhi,India Slovakia
Singapore-Online Work Pass Portal Continues to Experience Technical Issues Singapore
Russia-Change in Requirements for Migration Registration Russia
Australia-Increase in Visa Application Charges, Labor Market Testing Changes and Digital Photographs Now Required Australia
Ireland-Temporary Stamp 4 Status Application Update Ireland
Switzerland – Update on Enforcement of Quotas for L Work Permits from EU-2 States Switzerland
Mexico – Recent Changes in Documentation Requirements Mexico
United Kingdom-Details of the European Union Settlement Scheme Announced United Kingdom
Costa Rica – Impact to Immigration Processes Due to Civil Unrest in Neighboring Countries Costa Rica
European Union-Residency Rights of Same Sex Spouses European Union
Indonesia-New Integrated Online System Indonesia
Colombia-New Government Resolution Colombia
Argentina-Major Increases in Processing Fees for Immigration Government Services Argentina
Singapore: Jobs Bank Requirement To Be Expanded Singapore
Switzerland-Federal Council Approves List of Occupation Types
United Kingdom-New Settled Status for European Union Nationals Post-Brexit United Kingdom
Kenya-Verification of Work Permits Underway Kenya
United Arab Emirates-Ten Year Resident Visas Being Introduced to Attract Top Talent United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom – E-Alert United Kingdom
United Kingdom – Impact of British Exit on European Economic Area Nationals Seeking Residency United Kingdom
Oman – Ministry of Manpower Temporarily Halts Expat Visas For 87 Job Titles Oman
Singapore – Reminder: Ministry of Manpower to Introduce a New Format for Work Pass Cards Singapore
Singapore – Foreign Nationals Now Required to Provide Personal Contact Information on Employment Pass Online Portal Singapore
Slovakia – Change of Address for Foreign Police Department in Bratislava Slovakia
Switzerland – Swiss Employers Now Required to Communicate Vacancies in High-Unemployment Fields Switzerland
United Kingdom – Annual Renewal for Certificate of Sponsorship Allocations Set to Expire on April 5, 2018 United Kingdom
Argentina – Change in the Deregistration Process for Foreign Workers Who Have Left the Country or Whose Assignments Have Ended Argentina
Switzerland – Swiss Government Announces New Swiss Citizenship Law Switzerland
Switzerland – Update: Swiss Government Enforces Quotas on Category B Permits for Persons from Romania and Bulgaria Switzerland
Australia – New Criteria for Visas Now Include Changes in Occupation Lists Australia
Australia – Authorities Confirm New Criteria for Permanent Visas and Transitional Arrangements Australia
UAE – Correction: Work and Resident Visa Applicants Now Required to Have a Certificate of Good Conduct United Arab Emirates
UAE – Work and Resident Visa Applicants Now Required to Have a Certificate of Good Conduct UAE
Romania – Visa Quotas for Work Authorizations Granted in 2018 Romania
Germany – Minimum Salary Requirement for Blue Card Applications Raised. Germany
Colombia – New Immigration Regulation Colombia
December Quota For Tier 2 General Visas Exceeded United Kingdom
India – Online Portal C Form Checkout Now Mandatory India
Ireland – Irish Residence Permit Replaces Garda National Immigration Bureau Card Ireland
United Kingdom – Changes to the Immigration Rules United Kingdom
Brazil – Implementation Details for Major Changes to Brazilian Immigration Announced Brazil
China – Deadline to Submit Work Permit Renewals Moved Up China
China (Shanghai) – Maintenance Downtime Scheduled for Exit-Entry Administration Information System in Shanghai China (Shanghai)
United Arab Emirates – Original Emirates ID Card Now Required for Medical Fitness Renewal United Arab Emirates
Malaysia – Maintenance Downtime Scheduled for Expatriate Services Division Online System Malaysia
Romania – Work Authorization Quota for 2017 Exhausted Romania
Czech Republic – Visapoint Appointment System Terminated Czech Republic
Canada – Immigration Updates Canada
Singapore – Permanent Residence Applications Move to Online Portal E-PR Singapore
Australia – Immigration Alerts Australia
Singapore – Ministry of Manpower Increases Reporting Requirements on Recruitment Process Singapore
Emigra Worldwide Welcomes New Director for China Operations Daisy Feng China
Malaysia – Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation to Update e-Xpats System Malaysia
Canada – Immigration Updates Canada
Singapore e-Alert: Ministry of Manpower Cracks Down on Residential Address Reporting Requirements Singapore
United Arab Emirates – Sworn Legal Translation Required For All Personal Documents in Arabic United Arab Emirates
India – International Civil Aviation Organization Mandates Machine-Readable Documents for Travelers India
United Kingdom – Brexit Negotiations: Latest on the Rights of European Economic Area Nationals United Kingdom
Singapore – New Jobs Bank Portal for Advertisements Singapore
Singapore – New Salary Criteria for Dependant Privileges in 2018 Singapore
Canada – Enactment of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and its Effects on Canadian Immigration Canada
Switzerland – Work Permit Quotas Announced for 2018 Switzerland
United States – President Trump Replaces Expired Travel Ban With New Restrictions on Eight Countries United States
United Arab Emirates – Visas on Arrival now available for European Union residents United Arab Emirates
Russia – Changes to Highly Qualified Specialist Work Permit extension requirements in the Moscow region Russia
Switzerland – High Possibility of B and L Permit Quotes Being Reached Switzerland
Canada – Immigration Updates Canada
Colombia – New Visa Categories and Requirements Under Resolution 6045 Colombia
Qatar – Visa-Free Entry for Citizens of Eighty (80) Countries Qatar
Singapore – Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to Introduce a New Format for Work Pass Cards Singapore
Germany – ICT Directive Implemented Germany
Slovakia – Attendance at Foreign Police Required To Finalize Immigration Process Slovakia
Singapore – CorpPass Reminder Singapore
Australia – Immigration Updates Australia
Canada – Immigration Updates Canada
Argentina – Reciprocity Fee Payment Suspended for Australian Nationals Argentina
United Kingdom – Brexit Update United Kingdom
Slovakia – Amendments to the Law on Stay of Foreigners and the Law of Employment Services Slovakia
Vietnam – Online Submission Now Required for Most Applications Vietnam
Canada – Global Skills Strategy Program Launched Canada
Denmark – Pay Limit Scheme and Fast-Track Scheme Application Requirement Changes Denmark
Venezuela – Document Legalization Services Have Resumed Venezuela
Morocco – Work Permit Process Change Morocco
Venezuela – Document Legalization Services Suspended Until Further Notice Venezuela
China – New Work Permit Portal (Beijing) China (Beijing)
Brazil – New Immigration Law Approved Brazil
Several Arab Countries Cut Ties With Qatar Over Terrorism Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and Qatar
Ukraine – Visa-Free Travel to the Schengen Area for Ukrainian Nationals Ukraine
Australia – New Path to Permanent Residence for New Zealanders in Australia Australia
China – Shanghai Labor Bureau Closed for Training on New Immigration System China (Shanghai)
Argentina – Travelers from thirty-five countries to receive business visa waivers Argentina
Serbia – New Increased Enforcement of Local Payroll Rule Serbia
United Arab Emirates – Ramadan United Arab Emirates
Germany – Alien Offices Becoming Increasingly Strict in Regards to International Health Insurance Compliance Germany
France – New Mention and Fee Added to Secondment Requirements France
Australia – Training Levy and Increased Visa Application Charges Announced Australia
Switzerland – Swiss Government Announces Plans to Enforce Quotas on Category B Residence Permits for Persons from Romania and Bulgaria Switzerland
Canada – Immigration Alerts Canada
United Kingdom – Changes to Chinese Visa Application Requirements for European Union (EU) Passport Holders Based in UK United Kingdom
China – New Immigration Policy China
Australia – Immigration Alert Australia
Malaysia – Immigration Alert Malaysia
Sweden – Work and Residence Permit Application Updates Sweden
Argentina – Change in Permanent Residence Requirements for Minors Argentina
Republic of Korea – Short-Term Business Travelers – Permissible Scope of Activities Limited Republic of Korea
Malaysia – Expatriate Services Division Change in Requirements Malaysia
Singapore – CorpPass Launched Singapore
Canada – Express Entry Updates Canada
Denmark – Pay Limit Scheme Applications Delayed Denmark
India – Immigration Updates India
United Arab Emirates – UAE Visa Now Available to Certain Indian Passport Holders United Arab Emirates
Canada – Immigration Updates Canada
United Kingdom – Withdrawal from the European Union to Commence on March 29 United Kingdom
Turkey – Turquoise Card Regulations Released Turkey
United Kingdom – Statement of Changes United Kingdom
Singapore – Longer Processing Times For Work Passes and Dependent Passes Singapore
Turkey – Immigration Updates Turkey
South Korea – Revised Rules for Frequent Travelers South Korea
United States – Immigration Alerts United States
European Parliament – Resolution Passed to Reintroduce Visas for United States Nationals
Romania – Immigration Updates Romania
Hong Kong – Visa Requirements Changed for Cambodian Nationals Hong Kong
United Kingdom – House of Lords Ruling United Kingdom
United Kingdom – End of Permanent Residency Right for European Economic Area (EEA) Nationals on the horizon United Kingdom
The Netherlands- Immigration Updates The Netherlands
Morocco- Residence Permit Process Changed Morocco
Vietnam – Update on Work Permit Exemption Vietnam
Canada – Immigration Updates Canada
Italy – European Union Intra-Company Transfer Permit Implemented Italy
United Kingdom – Introduction of the Skills Charge for Tier 2 Migrants (subject to Parliamentary approval) United Kingdom
South Africa – Department of Home Affairs Cracks Down on Temporary Residence Visa Validity South Africa
United Arab Emirates – Immigration Updates United Arab Emirates
Japan – Permanent Residence Requirements to Change for Highly Skilled Visa Holders Japan
United States – Update on Travel Ban on Citizens of Seven Nations United States
United States – Executive Order Imposes Travel Ban on Citizens of Seven Nations United States
United Kingdom – Brexit path remains unclear amid ongoing negotiations United Kingdom
Thailand – Tax Requirements to Support Work Permit and Visa Extension (UPDATE) Thailand
France – Minimum Wage Increase France
Thailand – Tax Requirements to Support Work Permit and Visa Extension Thailand
Hong Kong – Pre-Arrival Registration Now Required for Indian Nationals Hong Kong
Thailand – New Step for BOI Companies Filing Initial Work Permits Thailand
Switzerland – Work Permit Quotas for 2017 Update Switzerland
Hong Kong – Vietnamese Nationals are Now Eligible for a Training/Internship Visa Hong Kong
Portugal – Portuguese Immigration Authorities to Go on Strike Portugal
Canada – January Newsletter Canada
France – Parental Authorization Required for Children Travelling out of the Country France
Peru – Changes to Required Documentation Peru
Vietnam – Work Permit Guidelines Updated Vietnam
Philippines – Alien Certificate of Registration I-Card Annual Report Fee Payment Philippines
United Arab Emirates – Online Visa Application System E-Vision Now Available for All Immigration Transactions United Arab Emirates
Turkey – New Immigration Bureau Requirements for Changes in Applicant Information Turkey
Canada – Winter Immigration Update Canada
Switzerland – Immigration Update Switzerland
Malaysia – Employment Pass Projections to be Submitted for 2017 Malaysia
United Arab Emirates – Mandatory Health Insurance United Arab Emirates
China – New Work Permit Policy to be Implemented Nationwide in April 2017 China
Singapore – Appointing an Employment Pass Holder of a Related Company to Board of Directors Singapore
United States – DHS Regulation to Ease Job Portability for High-Skilled Foreign Workers United States
Australia – “Member of the Family Unit” to be Redefined Australia
South Africa – Automatic Extension of Study Visas that Expire on or Before December 31, 2016 South Africa
Canada – Immigration Alerts Canada
France – New Immigration Law Takes Effect France
Chile – Internal Revenue Service and Chilean Registrar Office on Strike Chile
Indonesia – Restrictions on Third Party Involvement Indonesia
United Kingdom – Changes to Immigration Rules Announced United Kingdom
Canada – Immigration Updates Canada
India – Process Changes at the Foreigner’s Registration Office (FRO) in Gurgaon India
United States – USCIS Will Begin Accepting Cap-Subject H-1B Petitions for FY2018 in April 2017 United States
China – New Work Permit Card China
Australia – Immigration Updates Australia
Australia – 457 Visa Program Updates Australia
Switzerland – Work Permit Quotas Announced for 2017 Switzerland
South Africa – Automated Police Clearance Certificates Delayed Until Further Notice South Africa
Australia – Temporary Visa Framework to be Simplified Australia
United States – Immigration Newsletter United States
Czech Republic – New Restrictions on Filing for a Short-Term Visa Czech Republic
United Arab Emirates – DIFC Salary Certificate Changes United Arab Emirates
Poland – New Requirements for Employers Poland
France – New Declaration of Secondment Requirements France
China – Old Passports Required for Some Visa Applicants China
Ireland – New Appointment System for Registration of Residency Ireland
Malaysia – MDEC Introduces New Regulations Malaysia
Switzerland – Quota Availability Status Update Switzerland
Ireland – New Employment Permit Online System Ireland
Malaysia – New Regulations on Employment Pass Applications Malaysia
Turkey – Residence Permit Renewal via Appointment Turkey
Singapore – MOM Minimum Salary Raised to S$3,600 Singapore
EU Nationals Living in the UK United Kingdom
Canada – June Immigration Updates Canada
United Kingdom – U.K. Votes to Depart the EU United Kingdom
Australia – Subclass 457 Visa Processing Times and Policy Guidelines Australia
Australia – New Sponsorship Accreditation Arrangements Australia
Singapore – Two Factor Authentication for SingPass Users Singapore
Reduced Working Hours in the Middle East During the Month of Ramadan United Arab Emirates
United States – E-Passport Required For Visa Waiver Program United States
Singapore – The Ministry of Manpower Increases Focus on Singaporean Core Singapore
Emigra India Annual Charity Event India
United Arab Emirates – Visa Transfer Restrictions United Arab Emirates
France – New Immigration Law Published March 2016 France
United Arab Emirates – Visa Validity Limited For Applicants Over Sixty United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates – Dubai Introduces New Visa System United Arab Emirates
Australia – Increased Processing Times for Temporary Work Visas Australia
Switzerland – Free Movement of Persons Agreement to be Complete June 1, 2016 for Bulgarian and Romanian Citizens Switzerland
Argentina – Reciprocity Fee Temporarily Suspended for U.S. Nationals Argentina
Emigra Worldwide Argentina Has Moved! Argentina
United Kingdom – Immigration Changes for Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017 United Kingdom
China – Shanghai Immigration Updates China
Singapore – S Pass Levy Increase Singapore
United Arab Emirates – DIFC Birth Certificate Requirement United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom – New Immigration Rules to Take Effect April 6, 2016 United Kingdom
Vietnam – New Decree Details Requirements for Foreign Workers Vietnam
Turkey – Personal Documents Must Now Be Legalized Turkey
United Kingdom – Health Surcharge Extended to Australian and New Zealand Nationals United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates – Restrictions on Exceeding Employment Quota in Dubai United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom – MAC Announces Recommendations on Tier 2 Reform United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates – Changes to Visit Visa Status In-Country United Arab Emirates
Philippines – ACR I-Card Holders Must Complete Annual Report by March 3, 2016 Philippines
Singapore Immigration Summary 2015 Singapore
Dubai – Employee Presence at DIFC No Longer Required for Employment Visa Cancellation or Transfer United Arab Emirates
Taiwan – Mandatory Online Filing System Launching January 2016 Taiwan
Australia – Accepting Payments for Migration Outcomes Now a Criminal Offense Australia
Malaysia – Expatriate Services Division Projections Open for 2016 Malaysia
United States – Immigration Newsletter United States
Canada – December 2015 Immigration Updates Canada
China – Beijing Labor Bureau System Update China
Ireland – GNIB Office Introduces New Appointment System Ireland
China – Deregistration Required for All Expired or Inactive Work Permits China
Argentina – Changes in Civil and Commercial Code and Immigration Regulations Argentina
Israel – Short Employment Authorization Extended to 45 Days Israel
Singapore – Ministry of Manpower Sets 90-Day Limit for Work Pass Exemption Singapore
Switzerland – Work Permit Quotas Announced for 2016 Switzerland
United Arab Emirates – Original Documents Required and TECOM Delays United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom – Jobs Added to Shortage Occupation List United Kingdom
South Africa – Traveling to South Africa – Update South Africa
Germany – Enforcement of Local Registration and De-registration Procedures Germany
Indonesia – Amendments Made to Recent Regulations for Foreign Workers Indonesia
China – Immigration Alerts China
Canada – Introduction of Employer Portal for Work Permit Applications Submitted Under Canada’s International Mobility Program Canada
UNITED STATES – USCIS Will Begin Accepting Cap-Subject H-1B Petitions for Fiscal Year 2017 on April 1, 2016 United States
United States – Immigration Newsletter United States
Ireland – GNIB Registration Changes Address Queue Management Ireland
Morocco – New Requirement for Residence Permit Renewal Morocco
Ireland – Changes Within the DJEI Ireland
Ireland – Recent Immigration Notices Ireland
Philippines – Details on Changes to Alien Employment Permit Process Philippines
China – Visa Exemption for Taiwanese Travelers to China (UPDATE) China
United Kingdom – Request for Evidence for Tier 2 Review United Kingdom
Important Changes to the U.S. Department of State’s Visa Bulletin United States
China – Temporary Residence Permits No Longer Issued for Hong Kong, Macau Residents and Overseas Chinese Citizens in Shanghai China
Changes to Obligations for Filing H-1B Amendment Petitions Under Matter of Simeio Solutions, LLC United States
Australia – Visa Labels Will No Longer Be Issued Australia
China – Immigration Alerts China
Vietnam – Work Permit Changes Presented in Draft Decree Vietnam
USCIS Final Guidance on L-1B Adjudications Offers Some Comfort-But No Cure-for Employer Concerns United States
APEC Business Travel Card Increases to Five Years
United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Online Applications for GCC Country Residents United Arab Emirates
China – Immigration Alerts China
South Africa – VFS Global Offices Open in The United Kingdom South Africa
United States – Immigration Newsletter United States
India – PIO Cardholders Are Advised to Register as an OCI Cardholder India
Canada – Immigration Alerts Canada
Australia – Protected Industrial Action May Cause Delays for Travelers and Visa Applicants Australia
Indonesia – New Regulations for Foreign Workers Indonesia
United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Changes Medical and Emirates ID Process United Arab Emirates
Emigra Worldwide Hong Kong Office Relocation Hong Kong
Singapore – Changes to Dependent Privileges for Work Pass Holders Singapore
Malaysia – New Employment Pass Category (EPIII) Malaysia
Canada – Immigration Alerts Canada
Russia – Penalties for Non-Compliance Defined Russia
Singapore – Changes to Employment Pass Application Process Singapore
China – Shanghai Introduces Initiatives to Attract Foreign Talents (UPDATE) China
Thailand – Tax Documents Required for Long-Term Visa Extensions Thailand
Vietnam – Visa Free Entry For Certain Nationalities Vietnam
Malaysia – iKad Becomes Available for Foreigners Malaysia
China – Immigration Changes to Begin on July 1, 2015 China
France – New Order to Prevent Secondment and Illegal Work Related Fraud France
Australia – Potential Delays for International Travelers and Visa Applicants Australia
UK – Tier 2 General Visa Quota Exceeded United Kingdom
Canada – Immigration Alerts – June 2015 Canada
United States – Immigration Newsletter United States
Turkey – Changes for Residence Permit Application Process Turkey
Malaysia – New MYXpats Centre to Open in June, 2015 Malaysia
Australia – Visa Application Charges (VAC) to Increase July 1, 2015 Australia
South Africa – New Rule for Minors Traveling to and from South Africa South Africa
Ireland – DJEI Introduces the Trusted Partner Initiative Ireland
Costa Rica – Advance Appointment Now Required at the Immigration Department Costa Rica
Nigeria – Dependents of Foreign Nationals Are Required to Have Their Passports Endorsed Nigeria
Singapore – Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Online Application Submission Required – Beginning June 1, 2015 Singapore
Turkey – Police Department has Stopped Appointments for Dependent Residence Permits Turkey
Hong Kong – Immigration Policy Changes (UPDATE) Hong Kong
Australia – Changes to Subclass 457 Visas (UPDATE) Australia
United Arab Emirates (UAE) – New Online Portal Coming May 3, 2015 for DIFC Free Zone United Arab Emirates
Malaysia – Updated Document Requirements and Online Submission for MDEC Employment Pass Applications Malaysia
United Kingdom Immigration Alerts United Kingdom
Thailand – New Online Option for 90 Day Report Filing Thailand
Japan – Status of Residence Re-Organized Japan
Egypt – Beginning May 15, 2015, Consular Visas Will Be Required for Business and Tourist Travelers Egypt
Romania – Mandatory Criminal Record Certificate for Companies Filing Work Permit Applications Romania
Philippines – Changes to Fee Exemptions for Certain Holders of 47a2 Visas (UPDATE) Philippines
Australia – Integrity of Subclass 457 Visa Program Report Australia
Philippines – Tighter Requirements for Companies Hiring Foreign Nationals Introduced Philippines
Thailand – Expanded List of Activities Considered “Not Working” Thailand
India – Visa Applicants in the United Kingdom Must Submit Application Materials in Person and Provide Biometric Data India
Denmark – Company Certification Provides Fast Track Option for Danish Employers Denmark
Ireland – Additional Requirements Necessary for Stamp 4 Applications Ireland
Belgium – New Administrative /Government Fees for Visa D / Residence Permit Applicants Belgium
China / Canada – New Reciprocity Agreement Gives Travelers Access to Longer Validity Visas Canada/China
Saudi Arabia- Changes to Family Visitor Visa Validity and Family Visitor Visa Application Process Saudi Arabia
Slovenia – Dependents of Non-EU Nationals Must Wait One (1) Year Before Joining Work Permit Holder Slovenia
Ukraine – Updated Work Permit/Renewal Timelines Ukraine
Nigeria – Re-Entry Visas No Longer Required Nigeria
Canada – Four Year Cap for Skill Levels B, C, and D with LMIA Based Work Permit is about to Lapse Canada
Turkey – Assembly, Maintenance, and Service (AMS) Visas Now Allow for Multiple Entries Turkey
United Arab Emirates – Fines to Be Expected for Those Who Violate “Zero Overstay Policy” United Arab Emirates
Malaysia – MDEC Announces New Requirements for Foreign Nationals and Dependents (UPDATE) Malaysia
United Kingdom – Biometric Residence Permits Required Beginning in March 2015 United Kingdom
Canada – New Compliance Pre-Application Process and Fees for LMIA Exempt Visa Categories Canada
Egypt – Delays, Changes to Work Permit Applications and Requirements Egypt
Brazil – CTPS Workbooks for VITEM V Labor Contract Visa Holders Can Now Be Requested with Diário Oficial (Official Gazette) Brazil
USCIS Will Begin Accepting Cap-Subject H-1B Petitions for FY 2016 on April 1, 2015 United States
ISRAEL – Short Term Work Authorization Pilot Program Implemented Israel
HONG KONG – Several Immigration Policy Changes Planned for Q2 2015 Hong Kong
UNITED STATES – Immigration Newsletter United States
United States – Softening of Cuba Sanctions Opens the Way for Some Travel and Trade United States
Colombia – Dependants of MERCOSUR Nationals May Now Benefit from New TP-15 Visa Category Colombia
Malaysia – Employment, Dependant and Professional Visit Pass Holders Must Transfer Passes into New Passports Prior to Departing Malaysia Malaysia
Philippines – Holders of 47(a)(2) Visas May Be Subject to Pay Immigration Fee at Point of Each Departure Philippines
India – Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Card has merged with Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card India
Philippines – ACR I-Card Holders Must Complete Annual Report by 1 March 2015 Philippines
Portugal – Processing Times at SEF Return to Normal Following Corruption Investigation Portugal
Thailand – One Stop Service Center (OSSC) Announces Changes to Corporate Documentation Requirements Thailand
Malaysia – Expatriate Projections Required for Employers Using Expatriate Services Division Portal Malaysia
China – Work Permits Issued in Beijing May Now Be Granted for up to Three Years China
Malaysia – MDEC Announces New Requirements for Foreign Nationals and Dependents Malaysia
France – New Minimum Wage Requirements; New Work Permit Application Forms France
Vietnam – Business Visas Are No Longer Available Upon Entry Vietnam
Russia – New Notification Procedures for Employers; CIS Nationals to Obtain Patents instead of Work Permits Russia