Chile – New Entry Visa Guidelines for Individuals with Restricted Nationalities

What has changed

The Chilean International Police will strictly require entry visas for individuals with nationalities categorized as “restricted” (such as India or China), even if they hold valid Visa application receipts – VAR – stating that the immigration process is ongoing.

Previously, the Chilean International Police allowed the aforementioned nationals to enter Chile without a valid entry visa, as long as they held a valid VAR at the moment of arrival. Migratory controls are being reinforced as a response to a high number of foreigners present in Chile with an irregular immigration status.

Who is affected

All clients with employees who are categorized under “restricted” nationalities for Chile and need to exit and enter said country while their immigration process is developing.

Individuals with restricted nationalities who used to enter Chile with a valid VAR, now are required without exception to present an entry visa to enter the country.

What to expect

The Chilean International Police authorities have elected to reinforce the regulations already in place for individuals who require an approved entry visa to enter Chilean territory, given that they are categorized under restricted nationalities.

Even if the foreigner has already obtained a Visa Application Receipt (VAR), this document alone will not meet the authority’s entry requirements, and the individual will have to request an entry visa if he/she desires to enter Chile prior to the final approval and stamping of their main visa.

If the entry visa expires while the foreigner is in Chile, but the individual holds a valid VAR, he/she is not required to leave the country considering this person has obtained the provisory authorization allowing him/her to remain in country compliantly. However, if said person needs to travel outside Chile during the immigration process and the entry visa has expired, it will be necessary to request a new consular entry visa in order to re-enter compliantly.

What you need to do

Contact your Emigra Worldwide representative for further details on how these updates may impact your or your client.