Costa Rica – Slower Processing of Permanent Residence Applications Due to New Submission Rules

What has changed

Effective 5 May 2019, certain applicants for permanent residence may no longer use the “Special Windows for Accredited Companies”, but must instead submit their application via the “Regular Windows”.

Who is affected

Clients who have hired or intend to employ foreign nationals in Costa Rica who have or will have permanent residence applications.

What to expect

The change affects applications for change of status from temporary to permanent residence, and applications for permanent residence on the basis of a family relationship with a Costa Rican national.

Applicants who are associated with accredited companies in Costa Rica could previously submit these permanent residence applications through the “Special Windows”, and receive priority processing. Processing of these applications is now expected to take approximately eight (8) to twelve (12) months.

What you need to do

Employers who may be affected are encouraged to contact their Emigra Worldwide immigration specialist for case-specific advice.