Immigration Fast Facts – Argentina

A picture of the Tulipan Recoleta, a massive tulip-like sculpture in Argentina.

At Emigra Worldwide, we know that even experienced expats can be caught off-guard when emigrating to a new country. With that in mind, here are five aspects of immigration that can trip up – or thrill! – first-time travelers to Argentina.

Apply In Country

In-country application is available for almost all nationalities; applicants can simply enter as tourists and request the corresponding residence or work authorization at the Immigration Office in Argentina. However, applicants following this path will be required to obtain an Argentine police clearance certificate, even if the applicant has never lived in Argentina. Restricted nationalities cannot apply in-country; they must apply for a visa prior entering the country.

Start Working Immediately

Employees may legally start working in the country immediately after the residence or work permit application is submitted at the Immigration Office and the Provisional Labor Identification Number is obtained. This application may be scheduled within one to two days after arrival in Argentina, as long as all application documents from home country are available.

Bring Your Partner

Unmarried partners are permitted as long as the corresponding support documents are submitted at the time of the application. Argentina recognizes same-sex partners as dependents as long as the bond is proved by a corresponding document, such as a marriage certificate.

Simplified Process for Mercosur Nationals

Nationals of the member countries of the Mercosur trading bloc in South America are granted a two (2) year Temporary Residence permit, which allows them to reside and work legally in the country. No corporate documents are required to sponsor the application.

Company Registration Required

All Argentine companies who intend to have foreign employees working locally must be duly registered and updated in the RNURE (Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes Extranjeros).