Mexico – New Changes in Procedures for Common Immigration Processes

What has changed

Following the July 2018 national elections in Mexico, the new Instituto Nacional de Migración (National Immigration Institute or INM) administration is currently reviewing and revising the policies and procedures for common immigration processes nationwide.

Who is affected

All clients who currently employ foreign nationals or intend to employ foreign nationals in Mexico.

What to expect

The anticipated changes detailed below have been partially implemented in some regions or are expected to be implemented in the near future. Changes are expected to be finalized and published sometime between middle to late February of 2019.

Key Changes Include:

  • Changes to filing procedures
  • New, and more comprehensive, documentation requirements
  • Implementation of requisite personal appearances by applicants and/or legal representative(s) of the company in Mexico
  • Longer processing times nationwide
  • Increased frequency of site inspection and verification visits to company premises from immigration officials.
Emigra Worldwide will keep clients informed about updates related to new procedures and their impact on ongoing and upcoming assignments.

What you need to do

Emigra Worldwide can provide assistance on the specific requirements (which vary by location in Mexico).

Contact your Emigra Worldwide representative for further details on how these updates may impact you or your client.