Singapore – The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Implements Trial of New Electronic Arrival Card for Foreign Visitors

What has changed

On October 4, 2018, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) introduced a three (3) month trial of an electronic arrival card for foreign visitors to Singapore, which will eventually replace the paper-based disembarkation/embarkation card that foreign visitors are currently required to complete on arrival at the Singapore border.

With the new electronic arrival card, travellers can submit their personal information (which is currently provided on the disembarkation/embarkation card) through the ICA website or via a mobile application before arriving in Singapore.

Who is affected

The trial affects foreigners travelling to Singapore as visitors. It does not affect Singaporeans, permanent residents and long-term pass holders (for example, workers and students) who are returning to Singapore, as they do not need to submit any disembarkation/embarkation card.

What to expect

As part of the trial, foreign visitors who arrive at the Singapore border but have not yet completed the paper-based disembarkation/embarkation card may be approached by ICA officers to participate and to provide feedback to ICA.

Foreign visitors travelling with their families or in small groups will have the option of making a one-time group submission, and trip information will be automatically replicated for all persons in the group. The mobile application will also allow travellers to save the information submitted from previous trips for use for their next trip to Singapore.

The introduction of the electronic arrival card is designed to enhance operational efficiency whilst saving up to 48 million paper-based disembarkation/embarkation cards a year.

More details of the implementation of the electronic arrival card will be announced by ICA at a later date, after completion of the trial.

What you need to do

Be aware that foreigners travelling to Singapore as visitors may be asked to participate in the trial and contact Emigra Worldwide for any additional support you may need.