United Arab Emirates – Recap of Major UAE Visa Changes in 2018

What has changed

In 2018 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Cabinet approved several major decisions regarding visas.

These are recapped below.

Major Cabinet Decisions on Visas Announced in 2018

  • Abolishment of the mandatory bank guarantee for labor recruitment and implementation of a low-cost insurance option
  • Adoption of procedures related to overstay of visas, including the creation of a new six (6) month visa for job-seekers who have overstayed their visitor visa and wish to work in the country
  • Adoption of new transit visa rules, including exemption from entry fees for those transitioning under forty-eight (48) hours and making transit visa¬†extension available with payment of Dh50
  • Creation of a new ten (10) year visa for professionals including engineers, doctors, and specialists employed in certain medical, scientific & technological fields
  • Announcement of the availability of an online consultation tool for verification of any individual travel bans or financial cases

Who is affected

Companies involved in labor recruitment for positions in UAE, individuals who wish to travel to or work in the UAE

What you need to do

Contact your Emigra Worldwide representative for further details on how these updates may impact you or your client or for details on how to check whether an individual has a travel ban.