Emigra Worldwide offers in-depth experience and flexible solutions to even the most complex cases by partnering with you to develop a customized service model. This model is highly tailored to your corporate culture and ensures that they are in compliance.

Our comprehensive consulting and compliance services include:

  • Providing assistance with the development of internal immigration policies, both globally and locally.
  • Evaluating compliance issues.
  • Assessing the immigration impact of a merger or acquisition.
  • Developing immigration solutions.


In addition to the compliance services we offer in our end-to-end case management services, our Compliance and Consulting Department provides:

  • Assessment of the impact of mergers and acquisitions and divestitures on overall immigration program,
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure compliance and maintenance of proper legal status dependent on the type of visa or work permit required,
  • Development of internal immigration policies,
  • Review of existing practices to protect you from inadvertent non-compliance with global immigration laws,
  • Training and guidance to human resources departments or business units on country-specific compliance requirements, including fines and penalties that may be imposed for failure to comply, and
  • Advice on complex immigration issues and the development of customized processes involving more than one employee and/or country (such as group moves of consultants or auditors into various countries for short-term assignments)